Introducing Angles, Inc. 3.0.

Jan 3, 2023 8:49:07 PM | HubSpot Introducing Angles, Inc. 3.0.

Angles, Inc. has evolved again. We've become a HubSpot partner agency because our programs generate so many leads we needed better tools to manage them.

Today marks the official first day of the third phase of Angles, Inc. And, unlike the previous two phases, we're going to document what we do and promote it using the tools we use with our clients.

Angles, Inc. 1.0: Paid Advertising

In 2010, we started the agency to help a former employer who was turning around a medical education company. By 2018, we had increased their revenue from AdWords and Facebook by 50x. Management sold the turn-around, and the buyer took the account in-house. This necessitated a massive strategy change.

Angles, Inc. 2.0: Business Development

In 2018, out of necessity mixed with a bit of desperation, we created a business development program to replace the billing of our former client.

It worked.

In fact, it worked so well that we realized that for many of our new prospects, the business development program we had developed for ourselves could actually work better for our clients than more traditional programs like AdWords and Facebook. Soon, outsourced business development became our primary service offering and we doubled in size for two consecutive years during the pandemic.

We quickly realized another problem: we were overwhelming our clients with too many high-quality prospects who were interested in their businesses, and they were falling through the cracks.

beagle puppies puppies eating dog food from green bowls.

So we began putting our clients onto HubSpot, configuring their accounts, creating their messages, and teaching them how to use it. We also started using it ourselves because we're big believers in eating our own dog food.

HubSpot was such a game-changer for our own business development programs and for so many of our clients that we decided it was time to evolve again as an agency.

Angles 3.0: Business Development + HubSpot

In December 2022, we officially became a HubSpot partner agency and our largest client signed a contract for us to migrate them from SalesForce and WordPress to HubSpot Sales Hub, CMS Hub, and Marketing Hub. Not coincidentally, the management team at this client is the same team that ran our original medical education client.

So, in the spirit of eating our own dog food, we're going all-in with HubSpot, starting with this blog post. It's not just the first thing on our new site CMS Hub website, it's the only thing! By the time actual prospective clients check us out, we'll have replaced the placeholder images and text with proper ones but sometimes you just have to take a leap and this is one of those times.

Have a happy and prosperous 2023. If you'd like to discuss how we can contribute to your success, our HubSpot meeting link is

Paul Angles

Written By: Paul Angles